After dropping his second album, The Incredible True Story last year, Logic is ready to embark on his new tour in 2016. Last week, the Maryland rhymer released an interesting one-off track called “Tree of Life” features Slug (of Atmosphere) and the always eloquent Killer Mike.

The piano-driven song, which was produced by Top Dawg Entertainment’s in-house producer Tae Beast, features the rap trifecta reflecting on the virtues (good and bad) of hip-hop in their respective lives using the tree as their metaphor.

Logic kicks off the song saying that he read something from Atmosphere in which they spoke about music we love and hate. He then raps about how different types of music connects with people in certain ways and just because it's different doesn't mean it's inferior.

"We all from the same tree but your leaves degraded / Judging the different branches in music that elevated / Just cause it's further from the roots don't mean that you should hate it / Cause there's a time and place for everything that's been created" he raps.

Atmosphere continues to build on theme, suggest that hip-hop was made for everybody and not for a particular demographic. "My skin looks like bark / They used to do it out in the park / Pretend to defend or neglect to protect / Depends which voice the rain reflects, connection / With all the blood invested / You would think it was the love that made impressions," he spits.

Finally, Killer Mike closes out the song as he reminisces about music that touches his soul growing up.

"And I swear to god you ain't ever really smoked reefer till you do it to to the sound of Aretha coming loud out your speaker / Bridge over trouble water and my heart / What God has brought together let not man break apart," he rhymes.

Overall, "Tree of Life" is a sentimental track with Logic, Slug and Killer Mike delivering thought-provoking lyrics on the state of music. Listen to the song below.

Listen to Logic's Song "Tree of Life" Feat. Slug and Killer Mike

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