After several delays, it looks like the Game's anticipated 'The R.E.D. Album' is finally on the way. Yesterday, the Compton native released the latest single off the LP titled 'Red Nation,' a Cool & Dre-produced joint featuring Lil Wayne and boasting a sample of Zombie Nation's sports anthem 'Kernkraft 400.'

On the sinister cut, Game spits about repping for Aftermath and sticking by Dr. Dre and his label until the end. "It's Aftermath for life, and all I do is ride / Before I turn on him, I kill Satan / And stick my red flag in the ground, it's red nation!" he growls before throwing it to Weezy on the chorus. The song continues with witty wordplay about colors that align with his Bloods gang, spinning rhymes about his whips and clothes. "Red Ralph Laurens, that double R sitting on the hill like Lauryn / Her in the car foreign / Got my red Dre Beats on, tryna put my peeps on / And I keep it hood like this Phantom is a Nissan," he continues.

The single comes after the success of his 'Purp & Patron' mixtape released in January, which he promised was the last free offering before the 'R.E.D. Album' hit stores. 'The R.E.D. Album' is one of the most anticipated albums. I don't need the mixtape to hold any of my fans over, I just like to feed my fans every now and then because I'm constantly working on the album,' he previously told The BoomBox. 'It's got a 2011 release. It's gotta come out this year otherwise it will be old and I'm going to have to start over.'

Listen to Game's 'Red Nation' feat. Lil Wayne

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