Red Nation

Game’s Twitter Page Hacked, Hacker Blasts Lil Wayne
Just on the heels of announcing two new features for his forthcoming 'R.E.D. Nation' album, rapper Game became the victim of an Internet hacker Friday (June 3).
The Compton native's Twitter page revealed a series of posts lashing out at some of his musical peers including Lil Wayne, Dr…
Game’s ‘Red Nation’ Video Banned by MTV and BET
In early April, Game filmed the video for his new single 'Red Nation' in downtown Los Angeles, describing the shoot as "a real rebel scene," and just a month later, both MTV and BET have decided to ban the controversial video.
Game took to Twitter to rant about the new ban…
Game Shoots ‘Post-Apocalyptic’ Video for ‘Red Nation’
California rapper Game shot a "post-apocalyptic" video for his new single 'Red Nation,' under the historic 4th Street Bridge in downtown Los Angeles on Tuesday night (April 5).
Equipped with road flares, flashing red lights, an army of extras and a smoldering set, the rapper -- sporting a n…