Recent photos of former Crime Mob queen Diamond cozied up next to fellow Atlanta rapper Soulja Boy have caused quite a stir, but no one has responded as angrily as Mama D, the mother of Diamond's former fiance Lil Scrappy.

Though Diamond and the 'Head Bussa' rapper have long since ended their engagement, his mother is still grieving over the breakup, and she gave Diamond a piece of her mind during a recent radio interview with Atlanta's Hot 107.9.

"OK, the b---- done got breast implants and booty shots, the b---- ain't real first of all," Mama D began, diplomatically. "Secondly, Scrappy said 'F--- it, you know me.' Soulja Boy gonna come behind him, anyway. You know what I'm saying? So at the end of the day, Scrappy is chilling. He's fine. He's the Prince of the South, and he got it good. He's living good and he got it good. He ain't thinking about that b----. Dirty low down b----."

The hip-hop community has had its share of gangsta matriarchs, from 2Pac and Biggie's mothers Afeni Shakur and Voletta Wallace to Ludacris' mom Roberta Shields and Waka Flocka's mother Debra Antney, who manages Waka, OJ and Gucci Mane, and wrote the book on getting gangster in an interview.

In that vein, Mama D continued to say that she would like to strangle his son's ex, and that Scrappy remains the reigning Prince of the South, regardless.

"She lied like a motherf---er! Called Scrappy back, talking about 'I was just hanging out with him.' Woo! Woo! You know I wanna put my hand around that b---- throat," Mama threatened. "I want you to go on the radio and say 'Mama D is angry because you don't mess with Mama D son.' You know what ladies and gentlemen? Her son is doing good. The Prince of the South is still the reigning prince because he's chill like that, he's gonna keep it pimpin'. He'll pass a girl on and let her go."

Although Scrappy is purportedly "chill" about Diamond and Soulja Boy, Mama D is apparently not, as she went on to joke that she would like to "pimp that ass."

"Man, she's lucky I don't take her on the Ave. and pimp that ass. She gonna give it up like that, she might as well get some money for it, hoe," she concluded. "You know me, Scrappy and Mama D, we gonna keep it G, you heard? So let the radio know that Scrappy the Prince of the South is still the reigning Prince and he is chilling on South Beach, okay, with a beautiful baby. He ain't stunting that s--- there, he's all good."

Though currently chilling on South Beach, Lil Scrappy is allegedly still planning to release his sophomore release 'The Grustle' sometime this year.

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