Rapper-producer Lil Fame, of Brooklyn duo M.O.P., has revealed that he and his partner Billy Danze are currently working on a new album, but have yet to find a home for the release.

"We're recording. You know, recording, that's normal, that's like bread and water," Fame told AllHipHop.com of the new effort, which he promised would come in due time. "We're going to give one to you soon, but it's gotta be right."

The 'How About Some Hardcore' rappers cut ties with Koch/E1 Entertainment after releasing their last album, 'Foundation,' through the indie label. "We don't want that situation again," Fame said of the group's experience with E1. "We don't want to go back through that. The album was a smoker though."

M.O.P. have been around the block over the last 18 years, recording for a variety of respected labels -- from Relativity and Loud to Roc-A-Fella and G-Unit -- before their ill-fated stint at E1. Yet, they're currently touring and pursuing their own individual projects before they put out their next Mash Out Posse release.

"We're doin' the tour thing, you know that ain't never bad, I'm doin' production heavy, workin' with a lot of artists," Fame said, before revealing that he is also prepping a largely self-produced collaboration album, 'Fizziology,' with Massachusetts rapper Termanology.

Meanwhile, Danze is working on his new website WeBuildHits.com, which links producers like Pete Rock, Jake One and The Heatmakers to MCs and industry executives interested in purchasing beats.

"I'm not tripping as far as us, but the business gotta be right" Fame explained, regarding his future plans for the next M.O.P. album. In the meantime, look for Fame and Term's 'Fizziology' album, which also features production by DJ Premier.

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