Ghostface explained the direction he took with his new, all R&B album 'Wizard of Poetry.' "I wanted to take it to a more mature level," he said. "It's like having the same piece of p---- for twenty years. Sometimes you just need to change it up." With maturity, of course. [NYMag]

Hey hipsters- Billy Danze of M.O.P. is concerned that your tight pants may interfere with your illegal activities, and he's making a stand. "Back in the days, the older Gs were wearing straight leg Lees, but they was able to fight and run when a motherf----- start shooting. These n----- can't fight and run now. Little-ass pants. Them s---- be lookin' crazy [Laughs]. Because size 42 Karl Kani's and a t-shirt-dress facilitate running so much better. [XXL]

Heidi Montag got props (surprise!) from sister-in-law and Hills co-star Stephanie Pratt, who thought her performance at the Miss Universe pageant was the greatest thing ever. "Heidi looks bangin' [in Playboy], but even better was her Miss Universe [performance] last night." Better than Playboy, you say? Steph's a woman of high standards, no doubt. [MTV]