It's been a while since Lil Durk's given fans a taste of his mixtape music - a year and four months to be exact. But after alluding to a new mixtape titled They Forgot just one week ago, the Chi-town rapper is giving fans the first single to his upcoming project, which is set to drop later this month.

Accented with the ill sounds of Jadakiss' raspy tone, "See Me Down," is a four-minute track set to encourage and inspire - even "if Donald Trump wins [and] we're back to the basics."

A spin on DJ Khaled's "they don't want me to win" mentality that's seemingly taken over pop culture, the DonisBeats-produced single opens with Durk singing, "They wanna see me down" over string of legato notes. The moment the beat drops, Lil Durk raps, "Just wanna see my son grow up/Chicago streets no love/I may not make it through the summer, but I cannot give up/They wanna see me down, they wanna beat me down."

Focused on not falling victim to the negative influences or impediments of life, Durk and Jada deliver a positive message in a world where the positive seems hard to come by.

"Kick back smokin', I just tell my mans/Look ya'll, we came a long way from selling grams/I'm tryin' to make a mil, you tryin' to make a stack/When I leave I don't know if I'mma make it back/You don't need nothin' to relate to that/The thought of my kids suffering, I hate the fact."

"See Me Down" unknowingly comes at the perfect time as it references a world led by Donald Trump and the set backs such a world create. And now, that world may be closer than we think as The Donald sits as America's current President-Elect.

Listen to Lil Durk and Jadakiss rap about the woes of the world below.


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