Mystikal, Lil Dicky and Trinidad James are showing off their acting skills in a hilarious Funny or Die skit.

Lil Dicky and Trinidad James act as liquor store workers shooting the breeze. All is well until James drops a jar of pickles. Cue: slow motion. James doesn't want to get a mop or the cautionary yellow "floor is wet" sign so only option three is left: Mystikal.

The two rhymers lead Mystikal out of the back closet to show him to the spill and immediately Mystikal exclaims "Danger!" It turns out that option three is Mystikal yelling another one of his famous phrases to customers who may slide on the pickles and its juice. 

"Watch Yo Self," he yells over and over again in the funny clip. He even helps a kid with his math homework ("Show me what you workin' with," he tells the young scholar.)

But all good things must come to an end. James eventually gets the cautionary sign and Mystikal has to go back to where he came from -- the backroom closet. But not before the three share a heartfelt moment.

This is the second collaboration between the rap trio who released "Just a Little Thick," which is their ode to curvy women.

Check out the Funny or Die clip above.

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