Two of the biggest freaks in music -- Lady Gaga and R. Kelly -- came together on 'Saturday Night Live’ to give a raunchy performance of 'Do What U Want’ from Gaga’s album, 'ARTPOP.' The duo’s chemistry onstage was absolutely electrifying.

Mother Monster wore a glittering jumpsuit that revealed her plunging neckline, while Kelly was looking dapper in his all-white suit with black sunglasses.

The superstar duo turned the stage into their own private bedroom as Gaga simulated a sex act on Kells. Meanwhile, the Chicago crooner grabbed Gaga over his shoulders during his performance and allowed her to ride him like a horse. Then when Gaga was on her back on the floor, Kells suggestively did push-ups over her. It was certainly a steamy performance.

For her second set, Gaga returned in a multicolor one-piece to perform her anthemic ballad, 'Gypsy.' She started off playing the keys at a pink piano and ended with her strumming a guitar with her bandmates and a dancer.

Watch Lady Gaga Perform 'Gyspy' on 'Saturday Night Live'