When Kool G Rap reemerged earlier this year for a feature on 'Knife Fight' off of Rick Ross' 'Albert Anastasia EP,' he sounded reinvigorated and comfortable with Miami's 'Teflon Don.' Now, Kool is preparing a new record and he says it's a real chance to get a lot of stuff out that he's had bottled up over the years.

"I haven't been this passionate about s--- in a long time, so when someone asks me a question about it I got so much s--- to say," he told AllHipHop.com. "It's not just recording a song. This is spilling my f----- guts out there."

The former Juice Crew member and highly lyrical Queens legend says that the recording process has brought its share of surprises thus far. He had lost some of his love for hip-hop -- a genre where he made his name but has changed in unfathomable ways during his career. For the new record, which still remains untitled, he chose to go back, reflect and reveal parts of his life story that haven't made their way to his lyrics as of yet.

"This is G Rap right here, from childhood to adulthood," he continued. This is the part that I'ma give the people. This is G Rap being excited about even doing this s--- again. There's been times in my life I lost interest or even desire to do this s---, but this is me."

Kool G Rap's last album, the 'Half a Klip' EP, came out in 2008 and was his first solo release in six years.