Queens gangsta rap pioneer Kool G. Rap has maintained a reputation as a "rapper's rapper," respected for his influence on MCs like Nas, Jay-Z and Rick Ross.

Promoting his upcoming fifth LP, 'Riches, Royalty and Respect,' G. Rap has revealed that while he strives to stay current with his music, he does not feel comfortable using social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter to communicate with the online world.

"I can't really get with it [social media], you know... to me what people [are] doing is basically putting a camera in their house and giving to the public," the Juice Crew legend told AllHipHop.com. "I mean, I can't do that, you know what I mean. It's like, I got G. Rap, that's for my fans, that's for the public. Who I am behind closed doors and my family or myself is something that I keep for myself. That's part of the old school of me I can't let go."

G. Rap does control his own Facebook and Twitter pages and keeps them only for promotional use, letting his promo team handle concert announcements and album promotion.

"I got people that are constantly promoting on Twitter and Facebook," G. Rap explained. "Once in a while I do my personal thing here and there, especially when it's like people I'm shouting [out] that I have a relationship with, or there's somewhat of an acquaintance."

Kool G. Rap's 'Riches, Royalty and Respect' LP hits shelves May 18 on Fat Beats Records, and is said to feature production from Havoc of Mobb Deep, and the Alchemist.

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