After J. Cole showed up on a remix to Kirko Bangz' "Drank in My Cup," which actually turned out to be a freestyle from the North Carolina MC, fans were left empty-handed. Now an official remix comes featuring Def Jam signee 2 Chainz and Dipset member Juelz Santana.

On the track, the Houston MC spits the same verses that popped up on the Cole version. Santana and 2 Chainz deliver fresh lyrics, with the latter kicking off the effort.

"I know I always say it's about me and you baby/ But every time you see me I'm with two or three ladies/ With two or three chains/ Ain't nothing changed/ But I ain't with them lanes/ So everything's OK, yeah/ I do this like every day/ Take your mind, elevate/ Victor Cruz-ing that pussy, when I touchdown I celebrate/ Don't hesitate when I'm in it/ Damn right I'm gettin' it/ Ridin' 'round up in it, your mine, I spend it," he raps.

Juelz closes out the song by showcasing lines filled with style choices and monetary bragging. "That's your girl pardon me, it's not gonna change/ She wanna a n---- that be ballin' not watchin' the game/ Double cup of that lean, swag/ Twenties stuffed in my jeans, swag/ So fresh, so clean, Alexander McQueen, swag," he rhymes.

A video for the remix was shot in Brooklyn, N.Y., earlier this week.

Listen to Kirko Bangz' "Drank in My Cup" Remix Feat. 2 Chainz & Julez Santana

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Watch Kirko Bangz' "Drank in My Cup" Video

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