Rappers Devin the Dude, Kirko Bangz and Neko flip TLC’s classic song “Creep” into a sex ode from a man’s perspective for “11:15.” The song is produced by Trakksounds and will appear on his new project called The Other Side.

On the song, Devin, Kirko and Neko rap about their dealings with scandalous women who creep on their boyfriends and are adventurous in the bedroom. On Neko's verse, he raps about a white girl who, during the day, is the preacher's daughter, but at night, is the devil's daughter.

"She like wearing chokers / But she loves it when I choke her while I stroke her / No Limit, she's a soldier thought I told ya / Yeah, she 'bout it, 'bout it," he spits.

“I grew up listening to TLC and am a huge fan," said producer Trakksounds who created the song and used the "Creep" sample. "I’ve been wanting to flip the "Creep" sample and put out a fresh male perspective on it. So I linked up with my co-producers Roc N Mayne in L.A. and we just vibed out on it in the lab. I needed it to be the same soulful feel so I presented it to Devin who I knew would deliver the hook perfectly. And of course Neko’s wicked pen never disappoints and Kirko sealed it up with his swag.”

Trakksounds' compilation album, The Other Side, features an all-star list of guest stars including Scarface, A$AP Ferg, Kevin Gates, Starlito, Scotty ATL and more.

The Other Side Track List:

1. "Intro"
2. "Once Upon A Time" (Feat. Starlito, Scarface, Kam Franklin)
3. "Priorities" (Feat. GT Garza, Roosh Williams, Doeman)
4. "Feel Alive" (Feat. T2 The Ghetto Hippie, Dizzy Wright)
5. "Fireflies" (Feat. Fat Dollies)
6. "Issues" (Feat. Constantine)
7. "Active" (Ft. Maxo Kream, Xavier Wulf)
8. "Can't Explain It" (Feat. Scotty ATL, Rizzoo Rizzoo, OranJuiceJones II)
9. "11:15" (Feat. Devin The Dude, Kirko Bangz, Neko)
10. "No Doubt About It" (Feat. Railey Rose)
11. "Never Tipsy" (Feat. Killa Kyleon, A$AP Ferg, & Maxo Kream)
12. "Known Fact" (Feat. Scotty ATL)
13. "B.M.W." (Feat. Ye Ali)
14. "Ringing" (TrakkSounds Remix) (Ft. Kevin Gates & Killa Kyleon)
15. "Tomorrow Never Comes" (Feat. Kam Franklin, Heartbeatz & Neko)

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