Killer Mike's push for black people—athletes and entertainers included—to move their money into black-owned banks continues. This time, he's specifically calling out legendary ball player, and perhaps the most famous athlete of our time, Michael Jordan.

A couple of weeks ago, MJ shocked everyone when he wrote a letter about police violence in black communities, saying that he could no longer remain silent. Jordan is notorious for doing exactly that, having very little to say about community or social justice issues throughout his illustrious career. He's particularly been criticized for not publicly speaking out about the violence sparked by his popular Air Jordan shoes, which have led to violence and death for fans clamoring to claim them.  In his recent letter, in addition to denouncing police violence, Jordan pledged $1 million to the International Association of Chiefs of Police’s newly established Institute for Community-Police Relations and the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.

But Mike is calling on Jordan to do more, specifically, drop some of the millions he stands to make off of his new Jordans into a black-owned bank in effort to empower the community financially, and stand against the state-sanctioned police violence against black people.

"On the behalf of black people and cops (I have loved ones who are both) thanks for the million dollars to the NAACP [and] police [organizations]," Mike wrote on Instagram Aug. 7. "Now we [would] like to challenge you to send the profits of this Olympic Jordan Drop into a black financial institution."

Mike goes on to write that MJ's example will encourage other players to follow.

"I'm sure Jim Brown, Kareem [and] Bill Russell will agree. Love ya man. [You] truly were/are the greatest," Mike wrote.

He then gives advice on how to empower yourself financially and urges everyone to support black-owned banks. Mike has already proven to be incredibly effective at building movements. His early support for Bernie Sanders was pivotal in the attention Sanders received, particularly from younger black people. And more recently, Mike has been urging people to move their funds to black-owned banks, calling on the community and his rap peers to do so. Houston rappers including Slim Thug and Paul Wall, as well as fellow Atlantans, T.I. and Young Thug, are among those who have since publicly declared they opened accounts at black-owned banks.

Check out Mike's Instagram post below.



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