During a hometown performance in Atlanta last night (March 16), rapper Killer Mike made a bold accusation, claiming that 50 Cent stole a beat from him. Before tearing into a version of his track 'Pressure,' Mike stopped the show to set the record straight and remind friends that he doesn't bite beats or steal from other artists.

"In case you motherf---ers didn't know, and you get to talkin' about 'He used 50 beat,' no the f--- I didn't," said Mike to a wild crowd reaction. "50 heard my s--- and said, 'That's dope. I wanna use it, too.' So disrespectful. Let's go!"

50 did indeed use the same beat as 'Pledge' on his 2009 rap-heavy album 'Before I Self Destruct.' There, on a track called 'So Disrespectful,' he rapped over nearly identical production that was also produced by a beatsmith known as Tha Bizness.

It's not uncommon for rappers to end up with or battle over the same backing track, but a blatant theft from the same producer remains a serious charge. Tha Bizness is still heavily associated with Killer Mike and is contributing tracks to his upcoming 'Pl3dge' LP. That affiliation alone gives Mike's accusation more credibility.

What do you think? Is it OK for 50 Cent to take a beat from a lesser known artist?

Watch Killer Mike Take Jabs at 50 Cent

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