Jerry Heller, the controversial manager of N.W.A and the man who pushed gangsta rap into the mainstream, died of a heart attack on Friday (Sept. 2). The music industry veteran was beloved and hated at the same time. However, everyone to seems to agree that he was an astute businessman. On Saturday (Sept. 3), rap veteran Frost (formerly Kid Frost) went on his Instagram page to remember the late Ruthless Records co-founder.

For those who don’t know, Frost was the first Mexican rapper to be signed with Ruthless Records back in 1995. His album Smile Now, Die Later featured labelmates Above the Law and the late soul icon Rick James.

In Frost's elegiac post to Heller, he thanked the late music vet for his countless business advice. "I would be lying if I said I didn't have to call him from time to time for advice," he wrote. "This man also inked a few of the bigger records that got ya boy paid - THE RUTHLESS DEAL, the deal for The Crow soundtrack and various other licensing deals."

"And yes an episode where he had to get out of bed in the middle of the night and bail my drunk ass out of [jail]," he added.

Frost also acknowledged that he and Heller often had disagreements but he respected his business acumen.

"I'll admit not everyday was peaches and cream with this guy let's just say we had our in differences," he wrote. "But I always had utmost respect for his knowledge of the music industry. He's one of the few PEOPLE who's phone numbers I remember by heart."

Love him or hate him, Heller helped bring gangsta rap to the forefront and was an instrumental figure in the West Coast music scene.

May Jerry Heller rest eternally in peace.

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