Funeral arrangements are still being planned for the late music mogul Jerry Heller who died last week at the age of 75. There’s no official word if any of the members of N.W.A would attend Jerry’s funeral.

TMZ caught up with Jerry’s nephew, Terry, and he said that several music artists have reached out to him about his uncle's memorial.

When asked if any of the members of N.W.A should attend the funeral, he replied, “I think they should go, show some respect, definitely,” he said. He added that former artists on Ruthless Records have sent their condolences and are planning to attend the funeral.

One unlikely person that won’t be at his funeral is Ice Cube. The veteran rapper has been very vocal about his disdain for Heller over his business dealings with him (listen to “No Vaseline” for reference). In an interview with Hip-Hop Detroit, Cube said that he’s not losing any sleep over Heller’s death.

Terry said that Cube nor Dr. Dre have reached out to him. However, he added that Jerry would want both of them there at his funeral. "He always been a huge fan of [them]," he said.

Speaking of Cube and Dre, Terry also revealed that before his uncle's death, Jerry was listening to N.W.A's music. When Terry go the bad news that his father was in a car accident and hospitalized he knew it was bad. So he came armed with N.W.A songs for Jerry to listen to in the ICU. Terry reportedly played all of the classics from "Boyz-N-the-Hood," "We Want Eazy and "Eazy-Duz-It."

Not surprisingly, Terry Heller told TMZ that Jerry's favorite rapper from the group was Eazy-E. "That was his man," he said.

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