Jerry Heller may be gone, but his $110 million defamation lawsuit against the N.W.A biopic Straight Outta Compton lives on.

The late music mogul’s attorney, Mickey Shapiro, said that his client’s litigation against the producers, including Ice Cube and Dr. Dre, is still moving forward. In fact, Shapiro believes the movie is what actually killed him on Sept. 2.

“We can still prove the defamation and we’re going to do that,” Mickey tells TMZ. “Other parts of the case aren’t affected by his death at all. His lawsuit against Tomica for violating a confidentiality agreement, that’s a fact."

"His lawsuit against everyone in the studios for taking material from his book, which he wrote years before, and lifting it out of the book and putting it into the movie and changing it for dramatic impact." he added. "He was the good guy. They made him out to be a horrible exploiter.”

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Heller said his $110 million suit was necessary because he felt his portrayal in Straight Outta Compton was completely false and ruined his reputation.

“Most of [the film] was inaccurate, or just out-and-out not true,” he stated. “Nobody reached out to me. I didn’t know what was in the movie. I thought that was disrespectful. If that’s the way they choose to do business, then that’s why there’s a lawsuit now.”

Shapiro added that Straight Outta Compton portrayed Heller as a contemporary slave owner, which was the total opposite of how his client felt about N.W.A.

"No one cared about that group. Jerry Heller cared about that group. Every record company turned them down," he said. "Literally, the group is now biting the hand that fed them [and] now they are trying to make money in a movie by making him look like a slave owner. Bad. Bad."

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