Another day, another Twitter beef. Well actually, this is a Twitter spat. Out of the blue, Kid Cudi exchanged some heated words with Power 105 radio personality Angie Martinez on the popular social networking service.

It all started when Cudder posted on his timeline a 2009 interview with Angie Martinez when she was working at Hot 97. Apparently, the “Just What I Am” rhymer wasn't happy with some of Angie and DJ Enuff’s questioning.

"Look at these two f---s tryna play me back in the day. This was 2009. Angie Martinez and DJ Enuff. F---in clueless," he tweeted.

Angie caught wind of Cudi's remarks and clapped back accordingly. "Soooo, u got an entourage cameo and u feelin yourself??! lol u were in my house... and i was tryna show u love. clown. smh @KidCudi," she wrote in her tweet, which has since been deleted.

"Stop it. U were tryna play me," Cudi responded back. "This isn't up for discussion or debate. I didnt give a f--- what u thought then or now. Peace."

Angie had enough of the tit-for-tat bickering and ended it with "Never argue with crazy people."

Cudi's final tweet was reserved for inspiring artists, he tweeted, "All new artists, let this inspire you. Always stay true to you. Let these other f---s catch up later."

You can read Kid Cudi's tweets below.

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