This April 11th will mark 17 years since DeHaun Dupree Holton passed away, the legendary Detroit rapper better known as Proof.

To celebrate him, the company Write Brain Studio wants to create a documentary about his life, and they've asked for contributions through a Kickstarter campaign. The title of the doc is Searching for Proof: The Story of Deshaun Holton, and they'd like to put it out in the Spring of 2018.

The organizers also note how important it is to tell Proof's story and cover not only his art but what he meant — and still means — to the city of Detroit.

"In the 1990s, while the cityscape of Detroit was beginning to crumble and fade in the mist, there was one powerful entity that built an artistic movement out of the rubble and brought these musicians together every weekend at The Hip Hop Shop," reads the Kickstarter page.

"This documentary isn't just about unraveling the mystique behind Proof," it continued. "A man who still sits on billboards in Detroit over a decade after his death. It's not just about a rapper. Proof was an icon, a local legend, a son, a father and man who held up a dying city on his back and breathed new life into it."

You can read more about the documentary here and also check out a short trailer.

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