Several Eminem tracks dating back to the early 90's recently surfaced on MySpace. The rapper's former collaborator and Soul Intent cohort Chaos Kid posted tracks on his MySpace page that predate Em's 1996 release, the much more serious 'Infinite' EP, by several years.

Yesterday, a new page appeared called 'Bassmint Fun Times: The Infamous Suckerin Rhymes' which features Em, then called M&M, Chaos Kid and Proof kicking goofy basement freestyles, the highlight of which is 'Hammer vs. Vanilla Ice,' an eight-minute freestyle with Em and Proof imitating the popular rappers of the time.

While Em comes off sounding a bit more De La Soul than Vanilla Ice (which makes us wish he'd forego his usual nasal delivery once in a while), Proof actually pulls off the Hammer imitation pretty well. It's interesting to hear Eminem sound like he's actually having a good time, given his darker later work.

"Basically, the 'Suckerin Rhyme' was a way for us to have fun by freestylin," the MySpace page says. "We would record the sessions to play back later and laugh at. They were never intended to be released to the public. They were purely for our own amusement."

Check the link to hear some suckerin rhymes, or here for some of Em's first recorded songs with Soul Intent. Last but definitely not least, check these incredible pics of Eminem rocking some kind of 3rd Bass getup.

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