Kevin Gates doesn’t disappoint when it comes to making some outlandish comments on social media. This time around, the “I Don’t Get Tired” rapper shared his thoughts on the recent shooting deaths of three police officers in his hometown of Baton Rouge, La., on Sunday (July 17).

In a series of Instagram videos, some of which have been deleted, it appears that Gates approved of what happened in Baton Rouge and is ready to get “G” with it if things do escalate into a war.

“I’m not against black people, I’m not against white people. I stand for what’s right," he says. "Bunch of n----s jumping around hoopin’ and hollerin’ ain’t right. But if we gonna go to war, let’s go to war, cause I’m gonna go to war for what’s right."

He then goes on to detail his wife's run-in with police while she was pregnant.

"My wife, five months pregnant, pulled out the car by police for no reason, handcuffed in 40 degree weather," he states. "And I made a vow to her, ‘bae, that’ll never happen to us again. Never in life. I stands for what's right.'"

"How they stood up in Baton Rogue, I can salute that,” he added. "Keep it G with me that's all I ask of you."

And if you think that Gates cares about what his fans think of his remarks, guess again.

"Do you think I give a f---," he bristled. “I wasn’t made for everybody to like."

What do you think of Kevin Gates' rant on Baton Rogue? Tell us in the comments below. And keep it G, that's all we ask of you.

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