Kevin Gates isn't exactly known for holding his tongue. The eccentric rapper has spoken candidly about drug addiction, depression and of course, his sexual desires. That's why it was so surprising that during a recent, incredibly awkward interview with Atlanta's DJ Traci Steele backstage at HOT 107.9's annual Birthday Bash, Kevin remained stoically tight-lipped, dropping cryptic answers, though he did take the time to give "praise and glory to God."

Throughout the interview, Traci is almost overly-bubbly while Kevin remains straight-faced, though he maintains a respectful demeanor, often addressing her as "ma'am." When asked about his future plans, he vaguely answers, "I don't let the left hand know what the right hand is doing," several times throughout the interview, which is both hilarious and painful to watch.

But that's not really the part that had some fans of the New Orleans rapper baffled. Artists, after all, aren't required to be talkative during interviews. The incident that had people buzzing occurred at the beginning of the interview, when a super-animated Traci touches Kevin's arm in greeting before asking her first question, and Kevin wipes the same arm a few seconds later, as if brushing off her germs, or as some people would suggest, her energy.

Kevin's explanation for his actions was relatively straight-forward.

"First of all, I'm married," he relayed on Instagram. "Second of all, I'm holy. Don't put your dirty-ass hands on me."

He captioned the Instagram post with, "I serve God - f--- these n----s and hoes who don't respect it."

Alrighty then. Not completely sure what happened to "love thy neighbor" but whatever. Kevin clearly wasn't feeling being touched during the interview, and you can't really do anything but respect that.