No rapper shined as brightly as Kendrick Lamar in 2015. The Compton rhymer has outdone himself once again with his sophomore album, To Pimp a Butterfly. The collection won the honor for Best Hip-Hop Album in the 2015 Boombox Fan Choice Awards.

Arguably the most anticipated project this year, TPAB beat out efforts such as Drake's If You're Reading This It's Too Late, Raekwon's F.I.L.A. and Future's DS2.

Released on March 15, 2015, the moment To Pimp A Butterfly touched down, rap fans immediately began to analyze and dissect the album within an hours time, giving their thoughts on K.Dot's third set. Although the collection was polarizing, what cannot be denied is the impact that it had on music fans and critics alike. Dubbed as "unapologetically black" by some critics, TPAB was more soulful and jazzy than any mainstream rap album in recent memory, making it a black sheep in an industry full of cookie-cutter cliches.

Songs like "King Kunta" are steeped in G-Funk and are sonically superb, bringing to mind the West Coast sound of yesteryear. Follow-up singles like "Alright" and "These Walls" were also unconventional tracks that gave the middle finger to the industry status-quo while being among the most acclaimed songs of the year.

Overall, To Pimp a Butterfly was the fans' choice for the Best Hip-Hop Album of 2015. Twenty artists filled the category but only K.Dot scored the big win.

Take a look at the percentage breakdown in the Best Hip-Hop Album of the Year category below to see how Kendrick Lamar fared compared to the rest.

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