It's a Good Friday indeed. Kendrick Lamar's highly-anticipated third major studio album, Damn has arrived, and it's glorious.

At 14-tracks, Kendrick showcases his musical agility once again. And while it's too early to completely breakdown everything that's happening on this release, it is safe to say that, once again, Kendrick has emerged from the hype as one of the best, most innovative rappers alive.

Minimal features (Rihanna makes an impressive up on the slow-rolling "Loyalty" while U2 appears on the sleepy, world-weary "XXX") and stark production make this an immediate standout. As Kendrick more than aptly illustrated on the stellar To Pimp a Butterfly, he knows how to draw the best out of the artists he works with, and their presence never overshadows the overall intent of the song. Kendrick meanders with purpose throughout the release, touching on biblical concepts that humans have grappled with since the beginning of time-- "Love," "Pride," and "Lust."

Already, there's been speculation that this is actually just the first album in what will be a two-part series of sorts, with fans guessing that K.Dot might drop a second album, titled Nation on Sunday. Get it? Damn... Nation?

While that's not been confirmed by TDE (we do, however, find it to be highly likely) what has been determined is that people are already going crazy over this album. And even with the "mother of all bombs" being detonated for the first time in human history, Kendrick quickly became the #1 trending topic on Twitter when the album leaked. Take a look at the responses below and stream album. Purchase it on iTunes here.


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