Kendrick Lamar continues his run of powerful visuals from his platinum-selling album Damn. with his latest video for “Element.” Directed by Jonas Lindstroem and co-directed by K.Dot, the clip is provocative, violent and brilliant at the same time.

The video opens with a house on fire with people watching the inferno and then see a young boy in the pouring rain as the water splashes his small frame. Another captivating scene shows a young boy holding a ladybug on a string. But there’s also dark segments in the video as well, many of which tie into Kendrick’s blistering lyrics on the unruly track.

We watch as a father urges his young son to hit punch him in his face, which later segues into several adult men participating in a gang fight, including Kung Fu Kenny. At one point, Kendrick slams a guy while his "If I gotta slap a p---y ass n----, I'mma make it look sexy" lyrics plays on. There's also imagery of black women dressed as nuns and a young kid pointing a gun, which are direct influences of the late Gordon Parks' photography.

There's a lot going on in Kendrick's "Element" video that you would need to watch it several times just to comprehend all of it. Overall, it's another masterful work by the Compton rhymer.

"Element" is Kendrick's third video after "DNA" and "Humble." K.Dot also shot a video for "Loyalty" with Rihanna in Miami earlier this month.

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