Kendrick Lamar has a message for the kids -- hard work pays off.

In a PSA, titled "Hard Work," the "King Kunta" rapper spends a day with a young kid as they wear matching Top Dawg Entertainment hoodies. And each time K.Dot gets recognized for being famous, the 28-year-old tells his little homie that it's because of the hard work he's put in.

As they play some basketball and a passing fan says "proud of you Kendrick," the young kid says "You famous man" to which the budding rhymer replies "Nah, he just recognize hard work."

Later on, as they head down the street, two girls stop the To Pimp a Butterfly creator to ask for a selfie. "You got all the girls, man," says the kid. "Hard work, man,' replies Kendrick.

But in the end there's a twist.

As they head to an ice cream shop, an older customer recognizes the "i" rapper since his kids listen to him. He offers to pay for whatever Kendrick orders. But just when the young kid thinks he's got a hold of the pattern and says "I know, hard work," Kendrick flips the script and takes the ice cream from him. "But you ain't work for that," he said as he holds it over his head and mimics some crossover b-ball moves with it.

Kendrick Lamar knows a lot about hard work. For his hard work, the Recording Academy honored him with 11 Grammy nominations for his stellar 2015 album, To Pimp a Butterfly.

In the end, the PSA offers a good message that's not too preachy at the same time. Check it out above.

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