Kendrick Lamar made one of the most critically acclaimed rap albums in 2012. Good kid, m.A.A.d city not only went gold within a few months of release but also topped many year-end lists.

It wasn't until 2012 was officially over that the Compton-based rapper released the first video from the record, creating visuals for the vicious "Backseat Freestyle," which he dropped last night.

Directed by JeremeD, Dave Free and Kendrick, the video alternates between the two extremes of Paris and Compton, reflecting the lyrics of the song with surprising accuracy.

Although most of the shots come in quick bursts and depict the 25-year-old freestyling at Churches Chicken or the Compton mall, there is a lengthy section dedicated solely to introducing his muse Sherane. Her enthusiastic booty-shaking is actually the one part of the video during which Kendrick stands completely still.

About halfway through the song comes a short interlude that serves to introduce K-Dot's dad and his eccentric tendencies. He's shown getting on his son's case for taking his beloved dominoes and lights up some weed with relish.

Watch the video below for a visual introduction to the various corners of Kendrick's rhymes.