Kendrick Lamar and U2 opened the Grammys with their standout collaboration, "XXX." from Kendrick's DAMN. album as well as his new track from the upcoming Black Panther soundtrack.

Beginning the performance surrounded by masked soldiers as an American flag waved in the background, Kendrick ran through "XXX." over the beat from "Lust.," floating through the song with precision.

U2 entered after the words "this is a satire" appeared illuminated in stark white in the background, parting the sea of soldiers anchored by Bono's haunting vocals before Kendrick headed into his verse from "DNA."

Dave Chappelle made two spot appearances during the performance with political commentary on Kung Fu Kenny's performance.

“Hi. I’m Dave Chapelle. And I just wanted to remind the audience that the only thing more frightening than watching a black man be honest in America is being an honest black man in America. Sorry for the interruption. Please continue," he said before Kendrick delivered a verse from Jay Rock's "King's Dead" featured on the upcoming Black Panther soundtrack.

A few minutes later, he'd win the award of Best Rap/Sung collaboration for "Loyalty" with Rihanna.

All in all, it was a powerful performance that fits nicely into Kendrick's previous noteworthy showings at awards shows.


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