Just as Kelly Price inspires her fans, the seven-time Grammy-nominated songstress finds inspiration in the world around her. After watching the 2010 film 'Eat Pray Love' with Julia Roberts, Price was inspired by the message and carried that over into her sixth studio album, 'Sing Pray Love, Vol. 1.'

The singer stopped by The Boombox Tuesday (May 6), to open up about the project, which arrives June 3. Before the video interview arrives, Price explains what can be expected on the album featuring songs like the declarative anthem 'It's My Time.'

"You get to a point in life and you think about everything you've done, how you've played by the rules, how there are things that you wanted to do and you felt like, 'No, maybe I couldn't,' and you just decide you're ready to live while you're alive and not have a bunch of 'shoulda coulda wouda's' and so 'Sing Pray Love' comes from that," she states.

Check back with The Boombox to watch Kelly Price discuss the LP, working with R. Kelly and Ronald Isley, writing Biggie's 'Mo Money, Mo Problems' and flex her vocal talents by singing some famous TV theme songs.

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