Kelly Price is mad as hell after an unusual incident that took place at the Indiana Black Expo Gospel Showcase over the weekend. On Monday (July 18), the R&B singer went on a Twitter rant over how she was treated after her performance at the event.

Apparently, the 43-year-old songbird performed “As We Lay” at the showcase. If you are unfamiliar with the song, it’s a ballad about “the other woman” in bed with a married man. So yes, Price performed the tune, which is actually her cover of the Shirley Murdock classic of the same name, in front of church-going people.

We have no idea why she thought a song like that was appropriate for a gospel showcase, but organizers were not happy with it. A very angry Price felt the need to lash out at the handlers for their unprofessionalism.

"I was asked to do my music - not my gospel music - but my music, which is what I did," she explained in the video (watch above). "After I got off the stage, the lady who was the MC followed behind me and she felt it was necessary to make some comments that indicated to a degree that my performance was inappropriate."

Price wasn't feeling it.

"This type of ignorance and this type of church bigotry is ridiculous and is the reason why people won't come to church," she continued. "I'm very, very angry. This is not right."

Reactions to Kelly Price's rant were mixed as some were puzzled by her diatribe while others were in agreement that hypocrisy often runs in the church. Read some of the tweets below and watch Kelly Price's performance.

Watch Kelly Price Perform "As We Lay" at Indiana Black Expo Gospel Showcase

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