K. Michelle is known for her powerful singing voice, but she is also famous for her bodacious assets, which she has no problem flaunting for the camera. But the R&B singer recently underwent butt reduction surgery and took to Instagram to show off the results to her devoted followers.

"Betsy is smaller, but she still makes a statement. Sometimes less is more. Not finished yet, but feeling liberated getting back to myself," wrote K. Michelle in a caption for a photo she uploaded to her Instagram page.

The 31-year-old songbird then followed up her initial post with another featuring a caption that reads "You can't treat yo new chick, like yo ole chick. Yo side chick, like yo main chick. Yo boss chick like she basic, we like hell no we won't take it. What happened to the G code, yall get mad try'da expose. #kdoll #lyrics #newfavsong #isupporther #realrecognizereal #yesmybuttissmaller."

Enthusiasts of the derriere may be a bit disappointed at K. Michelle's decision to trim the fat, but she says the decision was a business one. The "Can't Raise a Man" singer said that her bodacious figure can be less of a gift and more of a curse in certain situations.

“For me, and my career right now, and me doing business - like really being on the frontline in business - I don’t need to have a man looking down at my ass when I’m trying to talk numbers," she said. "I don’t need to not be able to get the role. Like, I wanna be in Jurassic Park! Let me be in Jurassic Park! I don’t need to not be able to run through Jurassic Park because my ass is too heavy. Before the dinosaurs come to eat me, I need to be able to go!”

Regardless of her decision, K. Michelle looks as beautiful as ever and even though her booty many not be as voluptuous, from the looks of these pics, her butt should have no problem turning heads at all.

What do you think? Did K. Michelle make the right decision in her getting a butt reduction? Sound off in the comments below.

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