Say it isn’t so. K. Michelle, whose bodacious body has been both admired and lusted after, is planning to downsize her asset. The R&B songbird reveals that she’s planning to get a butt reduction.

In an interview with Love B. Scott, the 31-year-old explains that her butt gets in the way of her pursuing other business ventures, particularly acting and movie roles.

“I have like movies and different things [I’m working on]," she states, "and I was having a real conversation with Tyrese -- we’re really like great friends -- I was telling him about my butt, how I hate being typecasted because my bottom is so heavy."

"[I'm] not saying I don’t love myself, but you know," she continues. "For me, and my career right now, and me doing business -- like really being on the frontline in business -- I don’t need to have a man looking down at my ass when I’m trying to talk numbers."

The "Can't Raise a Man" singer also adds that it's been difficult to fit in a lot of outfits because of her derriere. “I can’t wear designer clothes," she says. "It’s always a problem when it comes to designers and like when they have to get stuff to fit my body."

When asked about the advice she would tell young black girls who want to enhance parts of their body, K. Michelle advises to do it for themselves and not because they want to look like somebody else.

“I would say if you have the coins to put it in, have the coins to take it out," she states. "That’s really what I would [say]. I would tell [other girls], don’t go and do what you see people doing. But, if that’s what you want to do -- if that’s the body you want -- go get the body you want! Nothing is wrong with it. But, if you won’t want it anymore -- you just don’t want it anymore."

Upon hearing the news of K. Michelle's plans to reduce her assets, fans went on Twitter to offer their support -- and some slander.

What do you think of K. Michelle's plan to get a butt reduction? Tell us in the comments below.

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