Pray for Memphitz, y'all.

Even though K. Michelle has garnered massive success on the musical front, and from all appearances has moved on, her ex-beau, Memphitz, can't seem to let go. Despite being sacked with a divorce suit by his wife, Toya Wright, Memphitz, has taken time out of his schedule to taunt K.Michelle on Instagram.

"Who should be the President of Skankville?!," Memphitz captioned one of his post on Instagram featuring a picture of K.Michelle. "Choose wisely. Protect your sons. He can be next and you know it. #Twins."

The mercurial producer didn't stop there. He bashed the singer with a slew of insults and posts pertaining to her recent album More Issues Than Vogue, their on-going skirmish, and more.

He posted a picture which read: "I know your attorneys looking at my page like...This guy is a real problem." Of course, Memphitz added a cherry on top when he captioned the post as "Yeah I am. F*ck you and F*ck them. Here I come."

Recently, K.Michelle received a Humanitarian at Atlanta Pride. This didn't sit well with Memphitz, as he torched her again on his Instagram.

"Whoever gave you this need they ass whooped. They can give You the Human Monkey Award & I'll Support it. #FOH they selling them sh*ts??! I want one too! The other #TMT @kmichellemusic where my coins? Stop spending it all on fake awards."

The singer has been mum and hasn't attempted to clap back at her former partner. Instead of retaliating, her fans rallied behind her and came to her defense by attacking Memphitz on his Instagram page. He ended up blocking over 500 of her fans because they were "ugly."

Take a look at some of the posts below.

Who should be President of SkankVille?! Choose wisely. Protect your sons. He could be next. & you know it. #Twins

A photo posted by Mickey Wright. aka "MeMpHiTz" (@therealmemphitz) on

Yeah. I am. Fuck You & Fuck Them. Here I Come. 😈 @kmichellemusic A photo posted by Mickey Wright. aka "MeMpHiTz" (@therealmemphitz) on

Memphitz disses K.Michelle
Instagram @therealmemphitz
Memphitz disses K.Michelle
Instagram @therealmemphitz


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