Houston rapper Trae tha Truth's attempted injunction against local station 97.9 KBXX The Box has been rejected by a local judge. Trae's lawsuit accuses the station of issuing a ban on his music, and charges morning show DJ Nnete Inyagumia with ruining his image through the accusation that he incited violence that caused injuries to eight people at a 2009 "Trae Day" concert.

The May 14 hearing was called "impossibly broad" by district judge Bill R. Burke Jr. The judge claimed there was no logical way to enforce the radio station play his music and encouraged Trae to just start his own radio station at one point.

"My client here is very knowledgeable about FCC regulations," The Box's attorney said, motioning to Terri Thomas, the station's program director and one of the defendants. "There's nothing in the FCC regulations that requires us to play what we don't want to play or advertise what we don't want to advertise. I guess the conundrum here is that it affects Mr. Thompson from making money. Well, that's just too bad."

The judge concluded that companies have the right to choose who to associate and do business with, saying: "If their position is 'We won't do business with you,' then that's within their right ... Your request for a temporary injection is denied."

This was just the preliminary hearing for the trial. It will resume on August 16. Until then, we'll make a solid bet that you won't be hearing Trae on The Box.

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