Choose your words wisely if you going to be an avid Twitter user. If you don't, they may become misconstrued and create a beef between yourself and someone else -- just ask Rev. Run's son JoJo Simmons.

Earlier this week, JoJo criticized Soulja Boy's lyrical skills on his twitter page. "Lyrically Soulja Boy ain't [too] dope, but musically he's a genius this [joint] right here kinda catchy," JoJo said.

Soulja Boy was not a fan of JoJo's comments -- despite the compliment tucked in the tweet -- and took to his Twitter page to respond. "Lyrically I ain't dope?...'Kinda catchy' Watch your mouth bruh," Soulja Boy advised.

Moments after posting his reply the young rapper deleted his response, but not before JoJo got wind of it. "That Soulja Boy post gotta be fake," JoJo wrote. Adding," I ain't see it then I don't believe it and it ain't there."

And the saga continues. In an effort to potentially clear the air, be the bigger man or simply dismiss the idea of Soulja Boy attacking him, JoJo tweeted this today: "Yo let me set the record straight @souljaboytellem and i did not beef through twitter i didnt even respond to what he said so it aint a beef." Stay tuned.

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