Joe reunites with 50 Centon his new single, 'Mary Jane (Remix).' The song will appear on the R&B crooner's next project 'Bridges.'

The original song appeared on Joe's 2013 album 'Doubleback: Evolution of R&B,' but on the remix, Fiddy adds his lyrical flair to the track, metaphorically comparing the hallucinatory drug to a beautiful woman.

"It started with a kiss / Public form of affection / I’m high off her lovin, buggin’ still thuggin’ / Call it pimpin’ I pass her around / But when she comes back around she's all mine / That’s how we get down," he raps.

Meanwhile, Joe sings the praises of Mary Jane whose love has put him on a natural high.

"Nobody can get me high like my girl Mary Jane / My Mary Jane / You make me feel so good when I'm with you," he sings on the song, which samples Rick James' classic track of the same name.

Joe has worked with 50 on previous tunes like 'Ride Wit U' and most recently on 'Big Rich Town,' which is the theme song to Fiddy's television series, 'Power.'

Joe's new album 'Bridges' will arrive in stores on June 23.

'Bridges' Tracklisting

1. 'Future Teller'
2. 'Dilemma'
3. 'Do a Little Dance'
4. 'If You Lose Her'
5. 'Sex Ain't a Weapon'
6. 'Love & Sex, Pt. 2' (Featuring Kelly Rowland)
7. 'Blame Her Broken Heart on Me'
8. 'First Lady'
9. 'Take It 2 The House'
10. 'Till the Rope Gives Way'
11. 'The Rest Will Follow'
12. 'Mary Jane (Remix)' (Featuring 50 Cent)
13. 'Bridges'
14. 'Love Sex Hollywood'
15. 'For Love'
16. 'Love Undefeated'

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