Can insanity and sexiness co-exist in a person?

Jhene Aiko answers that question in the new video for her song "Maniac," where she plays the part of a Hannibal Lecter type that has to be chained and caged. Overall, the clip has a grey and very sullen feel to it, but the Cali singer's potent beauty brightens the screen.

Lyrically, Jhene doesn't pull any punches in the area of dirty talk, and she delivers her most sexually overt words since her infamous "Eat the booty like groceries" line.

"Flip me over then maneuver, as long as a ruler, you the ruler / Don't tell nobody else, that's the rule, yeah / A-- in the air, feet in the air, weed in the air, we in the mirror / Me and you stare," she sings.

Unfortunately, Ms. Aiko hasn't given any details as to when her next album will drop, but since her Twenty88 partner Big Sean made moves to get his solo project off the ground, it's time for her to do the same.

You can watch the "Maniac" video above.

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