'Jersey Shore' cast member Pauly D might best be known for his blown-out hairdo and hilarious antics on the popular reality show, but he's taking his DJ career seriously. The reality TV star is reportedly nearing a deal with 50 Cent's G-Unit Records, with talks taking place for the MTV personality to nab a three-album contract.

According to TMZ, discussions between the two took place last week in New York City, where Pauly made a public appearance at a screening of the film 'Things Fall Apart,' starring 50. As part of the deal, G-Unit is considering giving him his own merchandise line including Pauly D headphones and is discussing potential collaborators for his albums. 50 is allegedly trying to wrap up the deal before Pauly leaves to film the fourth season of 'Jersey Shore' in Italy.

Pauly, whose real name is Paul DelVecchio, has been integral to 'Jersey Shore' over the past three seasons, flaunting his DJ career and performing at clubs on the show. If signed, the Rhode Island native could benefit from G-Unit's recent international distribution deal with independent label PIAS Group, which gives all acts under the shingle "world-wide distribution, marketing and promotions strategy."

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