Jay Electronica is going Hollywood, linking with actress Lucy Liu to appear on a new project with U.K. group The Bullitts. Liu, who confirmed the news on the late night talk show 'Chelsea Lately,' lends her voice to the song 'Close Your Eyes,' which also features Jay. For her part, the Queens, New York native narrates the track, which clocks in at nearly four minutes.

Liu explained that her work with Jay, is a small part of a larger project. "I did something with this genius; his name is Jeymes Samuel," Liu told Handler. "He wrote this [project]. It's about a woman on death row, and she is being interviewed before she gets killed. He basically took the different interview parts and mixed it in with Jay Electronica. There's a single out now. I'm on the entire album. It's like narrative, spoken word. She's doing her entire interview and then basically [Jay Electronica] cuts in and out of it."

Liu plays the role of Amelia Sparks, whose diary leading up to her execution, is expressed via the group's Twitter page. The music video, which doesn't feature either Jay or Liu is a recreation of the 1929 film 'Un Chien Andalou,' by Salvador Dali and Luis Bunuel. Snagging a few more big names for their debut 'They Die By Dawn And Other Short Stories,' the Bullitts' new album will also feature appearances form Mos Def and Tori Amos, and is slated to hit stores February 2011. To understand this unique collaboration further, watch the music video to 'Close Your Eyes' below.