50 Cent and Chelsea Handler have been teasing the public about their alleged love affair for months now, and it looks like the twosome have moved their relationship to the bedroom, for all to see. Handler posted a photo of herself smooching 50 on the cheek to her Facebook and Twitter pages, under the heading, "I don't know why anyone thinks I would ever date a rapper."

Not to be outdone, 50 also posted another picture of Handler once again kissing him on the cheek on his Twitter page. "Why people keep saying I got jungle fever,: he tweeted next to the photo. "I ain't never even kissed a white wom[a]n. Lol." The two are said to be working on a project together, but continue to play up an alleged romance by exchanging flirtatious tweets, and going out on very public "dates" disguised as "business meetings."

50 has also appeared in a couple of skits on Handler's late night show, 'Chelsea Lately.' On her late night talk show, the comedienne openly admits to having a fondness for rappers and often puts them in her guest seat. The 35-year-old also expressed her love for T.I., who she interviewed earlier this year. However, since Tip is currently back in prison serving yet another one-year sentence -- and is a married man with six children -- the New Jersey native has moved on to greener pastures. Even though Handler and 50's relationship may be nothing more than professional, both are single, so maybe getting together wouldn't be too much of a stretch. One thing is for sure, they are doing a good job of keeping the public guessing.

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