After months of rumors, Chelsea Handler finally addressed her alleged relationship with 50 Cent. "People still think we're dating? No! Really?" she told US Weekly. "He's sweet, though. I love him, but we're not dating...I don't know if I can handle him, to be honest. I like to have fun and I'm really trying to not get into anything too serious." In other words, she got the magic stick and he stopped calling. [US]

Pauly D. says the new Britney Spears album is the bomb. "Her album is amazing -- like, I can't even believe it...I will be playing her tracks in the club, they're so good. I think this is gonna be one of her greatest albums...Britney's awesome. We have the same management, and that's how we meet a lot," the 'Jersey Shore' star explained. "Everyone's steering towards dance and everything like that, and she's right there. That's how I judge good music, is where I'm gonna play it. Like, 'alright, I'll play that in the car or I can play that in the club.' You can definitely play her stuff in the club." Can't WAIT to hear this. [MTV]