She's got a foul mouth, a quick wit and absolutely no filter to speak of. For these reasons, Chelsea Handler would make a heck of a rapper. The E! host, author and star of the upcoming film 'This Means War' has apparently thought about it, and when asked by The Insider what she'd like to do next, she hinted at a possible foray into mic rocking.

"I would think the most annoying thing I could do would be to release a hip-hop album," Handler says in the video posted below. "To start dancing and singing, or rapping."

"I would think that would be the dumbest thing I could do, so maybe I will think about that," she added.

Best known for comedy, Handler has some "experience in the rap world," as she told The Insider. By that, she likely meant that she once dated rapper 50 Cent, and while their relationship fizzled, she might have learned a thing or two about rhyming.

If Handler does embrace her inner MC, we can look forward to an album packed with outrageous celebrity disses. Last month, the 'Chelsea Lately' star ran afoul of Nick Cannon for talking smack about his wife, Mariah Carey, so one can imagine some lyrical grenades lobbed in that couple's direction.

"She's worse than Elizabeth Taylor," Handler said of the R&B diva in an interview with Howard Stern. "She's just so ridiculous with her body. You see her one day and she's like 50 pounds heavier or lighter. I mean, what is she doing? I don't even understand what hemisphere people like that operate in."

Watch Chelsea Handler Discuss Her Possible Rap Career

Watch '50 Cent Addresses Chelsea Handler Rumors'

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50 Cent Addresses Chelsea Handler Rumors