There's even more Jay Electronica news following his performance at the 2014 Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival. Unfortunately, a release date for his new album isn't included.

Electronica continues to stir up the conversation by sharply criticizing hip-hop in a series of since-deleted tweets, which are viewable at Complex. The words come after he surprised fans at the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival with an appearance from Jay Z during his performance.

"What would you matter, 20 albums about nothing or 1 album about something real genuine good and true," Electronica tweeted. "97% of The Artist in music are making songs about absolutely nothing."

Electronica ended his short rant by implying that more material of his is coming soon to change the state of hip-hop.

"Don't talk to me about mc's got skills.. the game is a clown circus," Electronica said. "And We are putting EVERYBODY ON NOTICE."

This isn't the first time Jay Electronica has been critical of the state of hip-hop this year. He revealed he was unimpressed with Kendrick Lamar's 'Control' verse, called DJ Vlad a "p----' and declared his stance against "culture vultures" in an April Twitter rant. Last week, Electronica demanded that Hot 97's Peter Rosenberg apologize to Chuck D after publicly disparaging him. Rosenberg did just that.

Even though some may agree with Electronica's sentiments, those same people would much rather see a release date for his debut LP. His visibility this year suggests its coming soon, but it's still only speculation.