Despite not dropping a full-length album, Jay Electronica has a lot of things to say. The reclusive artist went on Twitter Friday (April 19) to hold an impromptu Q&A and get a few things off his chest.

When asked who had the better verse on Big Sean’s 'Control' song, he replied that he had the best verse while K.Dot had the worst.

"me, big sean then kendrick. he really didn't say anything," he wrote in his tweet, which has now since been deleted. "No shots. everyone knows i like kendrick. but facts are facts."

Afterward, Jay Elect went on an epic rant on who he loves and hates in the rap industry. Before he started, he warned his followers that he was drunk.

He then went gave props to radio personality/journalist Miss Info before throwing DJ Vlad under the bus.

"Shout out to @missinfo one of the REAL true journalist left in the game. f--- your opinion. I'm drunk. PS. I never liked vlad TV. that's right.. I never liked you and your devilish energy. p----."

Unfortunately, Electronica deleted the rest of his tweets. However, rap website Potholes in My Blog posted screen captures of his entire Twitter rant.

Electronica wrapped up his barrage of tweets by throwing more darts at DJ Vlad before giving shout-outs to his favorite rappers.

"And vlad since you like blogging my rants.. make sure the next headline read... Jay Electronica says I'm p---- and he hates my blog," he tweeted. "Culture vultures. we don't respect you."

"Ok guys this was fun. I'm getting off now. and yes, vlad you're still p----. and we hate your blog as [much] as we hate your face. poser," he continued. "Last tweet. i wish Asap Rocky and Asap Ferg come sign w Rocnation. And ab soul too."

Although his debut album has no release date, Jay Electronica is set to perform this year's Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival. The concert, which will be held on July 12 at Brooklyn Bridge park, also features headliners Raekwon, Joey Bada$$ and Pro Era.