2017 is coming to a close and as the end of the year ends, it's time to look back on some of the best verses from the past months. This year brought us great albums from Kendrick Lamar, JAY-Z and Joey Bada$$, and along with the albums came verses that will be remembered for years to come.

From disses like Remy Ma's "shETHER" and Rick Ross' "Idols Become Rivals," to introspective tracks such as "Marcy Me" and "God Bless Your Heart," here are the 10 best rap verses of the year.

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    Remy Ma - "SheETHER"

    Verse 1

    Dropped earlier this year, Remy Ma's hard-hitting Nicki Minaj diss took the internet by storm thanks to Remy's scathing bars.

    Standout line: "Any videos, promotions come out of your budget/Endorsements, tour and merchandise, they finger-f--- it/You make, like, 35 cents off of each ducat/I own my masters, b---h, independent."

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    Rick Ross - "Idols Become Rivals"

    Verse 2

    Less of a diss and more of an address, Rick Ross' track aimed at Birdman left out the punch lines for hard-hitting truths.

    Standout line: "Catholic record labels, n----s gettin' raped, boy/Birdman's a priest, moans in his synagogue."

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    Drake - "Do Not Disturb"

    Verse 1

    As the final song on More Life, Drake lets loose on "Do Not Disturb," opening up about his beefs, relationships and more. But it's Drizzy's subliminal shots at Tory Lanez toward the end of the song that really make "Do Not Disturb" one of the best verses of the year.

    Standout line: "If we do a song it's like takin' my kids to work with me/You overnight celebrity, you one day star."

  • 7

    CyHi The Prynce - "God Bless Your Heart'

    Verse 2

    CyHi The Prynce may not be the most popular act in GOOD Music but on "God Bless Your Heart," the Georgia rapper proved why he's one of the best on the label. Using clever wordplay, CyHi reflects on his journey to where he is today.

    Standout line: "My partner fed fish scale to the whole village for a piece of bread/'Matthew was 14,' that's what the preacher pled/"Just a nigga in a Coupe,' that's what Yeezus said."

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    Killer Mike - "Kill Jill"

    Verse 1

    Killer Mike has long been one of the best lyricists in rap. Teaming up with Big Boi and Jeezy on "Kill Jill," Killer Mike lived up to his name on the track, killing his verse.

    Standout line: "I'm repping that Zone Four though with a .44 on your bro though/Cause that dodo thought that he could rob a player for some dough though."

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    Black Thought - "Who Want It"

    Verse 1

    One of hip-hop's most underrated MCs, the frontman of the legendary Roots crew stole the show with his verse on David Banner's, "Who Want It."

    Standout line: "I got the wordplay of Wallace, work ethic of Shakur/I was sent into to the future with a message from the Moors."

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    Jay Electronica - "All of Us"

    Verse 2

    Jay Electronica verses come around like solar eclipse, but once Jay Elec does drop a new verse, it's always worth the wait. While "All of Us" is actually Talib Kweli's song, Electronica steals the spotlight with his guest verse.

    Standout line: "I hit that shmoney dance on the coffin of a crooked cop/In a Worldstar society where all we do is look and watch."

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    Joey Bada$$ - "Land of the Free"

    Verse 2

    A standout track on All-Amerikkan Bada$$, "Land of the Free" finds the Brooklyn rapper calling out the social injustices against Blacks in America, while also calling for a change for the future. It's in the second verse that Joey's passion and anger can be heard as he gets louder and louder.

    Standout line: "Trickery in the system, put my n----s in prison/All our history hidden, ain't no liberty given/We all fit the description of what the documents written."

  • 2

    JAY-Z - "Marcy Me"

    Verse 1
     While it's tough to pick a standout track on JAY-Z's 4:44, the Brooklyn legend absolutely floated on The-Dream-assisted "Marcy Me." Taking it back to a classic Hov flow, the rapper uses athletes, celebrities, TV show characters and more to take you through a journey.

    Standout line: "When Denzel was blottin' carpet, I'll pack a… nine millimeter/When Slick Rick made 'Mona Lisa'/When Lisa Bonet was Beyoncé of her day, I had divas, y'all."

  • 1

    Kendrick Lamar - "FEAR."

    Verse 1

    Kendrick's tale of fear could take three spots on this list but it's the first verse of "FEAR." that perfectly captures a troubled childhood. There's a reason the rapper called the three verses on the song the best he's written.

    Standout line: "I beat yo a-- if I beat yo a-- twice and you still here/Seven years old, think you run this house by yourself?/N----, you gon' fear me if you don't fear no one else."

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