While some remember her as the girl who played Justin Bieber's girlfriend in his 'Baby' video, Jasmine V is showing that she's got her own material to share with the world. And she does so on the R&B tune 'That's Me Right There.'

Featuring a mid-tempo beat with heavy bass, the 20-year-old California native sings about the confidence she has in her relationship. And no matter what, she's the only one who can love him best. “That’s me right there, Yeah that’s my man / Can’t nobody love that man, like I love that man / I ain’t ever goin nowhere,” she coos on the chorus.

While we're all waiting for Kendrick Lamar to drop his next album, he lends his vocal support to the track. "No lie, 4-5 for the game, we shoot uzis / Cinematic, might claim this on movie / PG-13 don’t please me / P.S. no B.S. I’m usually / Teasin' myself or somethin’ like nananana / Once I get it I’m a selfish one like nananana / Jasmine only ride Aladdins like nananana / Then I’ma cuff that like one time / Only one time I’ma tell you, I’m," he spits on.

Jasmine was more than ecstatic to get Kendrick featured on her new song. "It was amazing working with him. That was like the last piece of the puzzle we needed for the EP," Jasmine tells Teen Vogue. "He's so busy and has his own career to work on, so I was just waiting patiently for the day he was going to come."

If you're looking for a song to groove to today, this might be the right track for you.

Listen to Jasmine V's That's Me Right There' Feat. Kendrick Lamar