Janelle Monae is grateful for your support. The Eephus Tour, presented by Toyota, couldn't have been the monumental success it was this summer – from packing out venues to welcoming big-name celebrities to experience the show -- if it wasn't for the dedication of the fans that support Wondaland.

"We're thankful that so many of our fans, new and old, lined up. Like we heard that the line was wrapped around the block. That's a dream for us. That's a dream come true. We don't take that for granted," Monae shares.

And in return, the "Yoga" singer and the Wondaland team delivered performances that were engaging from start to finish. "We have to give our all," Monae explains. "It felt like an out-of-body experience with me when it was happening. We just went and performed on a whole other stratosphere."

The Electric Lady creator also revealed that she felt "honored" to stand next to her Wondaland counterparts -- Jidenna, Deep Cotton, St. Beauty and Roman Gianarthur -- throughout The Eephus Tour, which hit Philadelphia, Atlanta and New York, among other cities.

"They gave A-plus outstanding performances," Monae states d before adding that they also made her want to give "her all" to her admirers, which include actress Angela Bassett (She was spotted in attendance during the tour).

But no soul performance is complete without a prayer. The Wondaland crew joined hands in a circle to thank God and ask for a good show. Janelle Monae took the helm as she said a powerful prayer that was met with many affirmations of approval.

"May they be uplifted (yes). May they be inspired (yes). May we give without expectations (yes). May we give because people need it God. May they feel better about life and themselves after they see this performance. We come not asking for anything except to give you thanks. Right now in this moment, we give thanks," she says.

At the end the Wondaland crew was riled up with a shout of "Lets go, Eephus!"

Watch Janelle Monae and her Wondaland team give thanks for their supporters above.

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