Janelle Monáe is clearly already aiming for album of the year status leading up to her forthcoming record, Dirty Computer.

The most recent release from the much-anticipated project— which Prince was reportedly working on with her prior to his untimely passing— is the track "I Like That." The song finds the innovative singer flexing her agility vocally and behind the pen, as well as embracing her sensuality, as she has on her previous releases.

Describing her album as an "emotion picture," which she defines as a narrative film and accompanying musical album, it seems that Janelle is finally fully in her element. While she's obviously long been loved for embracing the eccentric and empowering, her musical voice is much clearer on these more recent drops— and it's refreshing. Basically, her music seems to have caught up with her persona, and it's dope.

With Nate Rocket and Chuck Lightning handling production duties once more (check out their work as Deep Cotton), Janelle lets everyone in the vicinity know she's not about bending to make anyone else comfortable.

"And I like that/I don’t really give a fuck if I was just the only one/Who likes that," she asserts on the hook.

She further recalls, "I remember when you called me weird/We was in math class third row I was sitting by you/Right before Mr. Ammond’s class/Cause my mom couldn’t afford new J’s/Polos, thrift store, thrift clothes that was all I knew/Do you remember?/Uh, I remember when you laughed when I cut my perm off/And you rated me a six/I was like, “Damn”/But even back then with the tears in my eyes/I always knew I was the shit."

Janelle's new album, Dirty Computer, arrives on April 27.

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