Jaheim is one of the smoothest guys in R&B with hits like “Put That Woman First,” "Backtight" and “Struggle Love.” However, the veteran crooner found himself as a trending topic on Twitter for his struggle hairdo.

On Thursday (Oct. 20), Jaheim posted a video of himself (see below) donning a press and curl hairstyle. The only problem is that he may not have enough hair for it to pull it off.

Of course, folks on Twitter delivered the heavy slander against Jaheim and his struggling hairstyle. Some have dubbed it the Harlem Nights hairstyle (based on Eddie Murphy’s flick) while others questioned Jahiem’s manhood.

On Friday morning (Oct. 21), Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club personality Charlamagne Tha God gave him Donkey of the Day, which prompted Jaheim to jump on Twitter and threaten to make him "piss blood" before threatening to "break his rib cage." You can read some of his angry tweets below.

However, Jaheim is still getting dragged on Twitter for his, um, unique hairstyle.

"Jaheim looks like Klingon from Star Trek," tweeted one person, while another commented, "Jaheim is living proof why we should go natural and leave the creamy crack alone."

You can read all of the Jaheim slander below.

What do you think of Jaheim's hairstyle? Tell us in the comments below.

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